Campus Master Plan: Structure & Timeline

UC Berkeley is planning to prepare a new Campus Master Plan to be approved by Chancellor Christ in 2021. Capital Strategies, under the direction of the Vice Chancellor for Finance, is responsible for the management of the day-to-day Campus Master Plan effort.

Capital Strategies is guided by an Advisory Group (comprised of senior campus leadership) and a Working Group (with representatives from campus groups, students and faculty). View the complete membership roster of the Campus Master Plan Advisory and Working Groups.

Additionally, subject-specific workgroups consisting of appointed stakeholders representing many campus perspectives will provide critical insight on key issues such as Academic and Research needs, Housing, Safety, and Infrastructure, among others.

Work on the Campus Master Plan, including necessary pre-studies, began in early-2019, with completion anticipated in 2020. Final revisions and adjustments will then be made. The goal for approval of the Campus Master Plan by the Chancellor is 2021.

* Throughout the multiyear Campus Master Plan process, dates may be subject to change.