Imagine the UC Berkeley of tomorrow.


The Campus Master Plan proposes a vision for the campus’s future physical environment. It considers UC Berkeley’s strategic goals – such as housing, instructional and research space, seismic resilience, sustainability, and transportation – and envisions potential projects and initiatives that could be implemented to achieve them.

From new buildings to renovations and infrastructure improvements, the Campus Master Plan considers changes in technology, new methods of instruction, and new modes of mobility, and how they can be integrated into our physical environment.

The Campus Master Plan ensures alignment between near-term development projects and strategic long-term plans and goals for the campus by incorporating sufficient flexibility to accommodate unpredictable shifts in academic priorities, budgetary conditions, and innovative technologies.

Now that Berkeley has completed a new Strategic Plan and updated its Long Range Development Plan, the campus is ready to take the next, necessary step to turn its aspirations into physical reality by creating a new Campus Master Plan.